• Fascinating review Phil! Your review is marvellously written and very insightful – well done! :)

    • EmpathDigital

      Thanks very much for your kind words, I’m glad you enjoyed my review!


    I somehow predicted an 8/10

    Great review, hope it’s as good as you say and better to me :P

    • EmpathDigital

      Thank you, I hope you enjoy the film!

  • PK-S

    Oh Phil, you’ve done it again.

    There’s something really special about your writing and reading this review makes me *love* you even more. Considering the film came out yesterday or today you’ve had a remarkably short time to complete a review and this is just shy of being perfect. How do you do it? You make every article fresh and interesting, not recycling the layout or phrases.

    Thank you Phil.

    (And although I haven’t seen Kick-Ass 2 or the original film for that matter I believe the band, Union J were on The X Factor last year. They were a One Direction-lookalike band. I’m not sure if the Union J in the film is the one I’m referring to however.)

    • EmpathDigital

      Thanks for your kind words, they really mean a lot! As for how I keep things varied, different things appeal to me in different films and I just write about what I liked – for example, the frenetic action sequences were my favourite part of ‘Man of Steel’, but my favourite parts of ‘Kick-Ass 2’ were the more humorous character-driven moments. I think it’s important to approach each film as its own separate entity and not refer to related films too much (although I’m aware I did refer to ‘Kick-Ass’ quite frequently in this review). I also find adhering to a formula quite boring, so changing things up is as much for me as it is for you guys!

      And having just checked Wikipedia, you are in fact correct about Union J – shows what I know about these things!

  • Pdurston

    Kick-Ass 2 exceeded my expectations for being an enjoyable romp like its predecessor. It had the right amount of action, comedy and shocks that made the first film entertaining. The only issues I had was how it ripped through plot elements too quickly and how it killed off two of the highlights of the film very early in the game when they could have had the chance to develop. The narrative in places felt rudderless — and it didn’t know what kind of film it wanted to be. I can forgive the familiar superhero clichés that came with it as that can be expected in a comic book film.

    Despite these minor gripes, I had a lot of fun watching it. Actually, I’d happily go and see it again.


    Cheers for the review, Phil.

    • EmpathDigital

      Personally I liked the fast pace of the film – in a summer schedule populated by films with run-times in excess of 2 and a half hours (‘The Long Ranger’, I’m looking at you!), it was refreshing to watch a film and not lose the best part of my afternoon. It was a much leaner, less flabby film than a lot of what’s out there at the moment, and I for one enjoyed that. I agree about the highlights of the film being dropped without much ceremony, though.

      • Pdurston

        You make a valid point there. It also made a refreshing change from some of the po-faced and serious films we’ve had this year.


    Uh…..well that was…very dark. I think this is more serious than comedy! Still great though but…wow

  • Stevie

    This film (for me) was wonderful. It had everything I expected and more. After reading some negative reviews & seeing that it wasn’t doing perfectly well in the boxoffice, I watched the film expecting an acceptable yet unremarkable film. Boy, was I wrong! I cannot stress enough how wrong I was! Kick-Ass 2 was better than the first film in every single way possible. It was beautifully written, and carried on perfectly from where Kick-Ass left off.
    I personally always thought that the characters in Kick-Ass had never been well developed; they were just characters with no background explored at all.
    Like, for instance, Hit-Girl. I found her character extremely shocking and impressive in the first movie, but I didn’t see her character within. This time, I did. I saw the mask, as she puts it. The girl behind that mask with her vulnerabilities and insecurities, all perfectly executed with excellence. Through the movie, I found myself really vying for her when it came to the final battle, as it’s the first ever time I’ve literally felt involved emotionally with a character enough to be willing them from the seat in the cinema to get back up and fight. I’ve never had that experience before, where I’m genuinely on the edge of my seat hoping for them to overcome the obstacle (and what an amazing obstacle Mother Russia is!) so I’ve got to commend them for doing that.
    Not only did this film have great heroes, and great characters, but it also had a brilliant plot, along with my favourite ever super-villain: Mother Russia. I can’t even put into words how much I wanted to be her friend, as her awesome epic, epic-ness and bad-ass-ery just blew me away. I mean, Kick-Ass 2 was really realistic, as it actually felt like the events happening could be real, and Mother Russia had to be one of the real-est surreal villains I’ve ever seen. She was just so impressive! So awesome! I loved her! What a villain though… her last fight was fantastic, though her police massacre was the best. Shocking, yet hilarious. Sham-aze-balls.
    The only problem I had with it was one plot point in the film; it was predictable. From the moment *spoiler* was put in the *spoiler*, it was obvious he was going to *spoiler*.
    That is my only problem, as I really loved this movie. Not only did it pass my expectations, but in my mind it beat the first Kick-Ass hands down.
    10 / 10