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Justice League Movie Announced – Cult Fix
  • The Eternal

    Well I strongly disliked Man Of Steel. It has nothing on Marvel’s films and even The Dark Knight trilogy. They really need to step it up in ‘Superman V Batman’ because Marvel haven’t had a real flop yet in their universe. Even in the ‘Sony-verse’, Spider-Man 2 was fantastic and X-Men looks just as good. DC are lagging behind in the Superhero category right now.

  • Joel Mole

    I thought Batman vs. Superman was the justice league movie

  • Gustaff

    Marvel owns DC in the movie department! JL movie is just a quick hop onto the Marvel success bus. Marvel spent years and years planning Avengers. DC is planning all this in a few years…soddy.

    DC is however owning Marvel on the TV basis. Arrow and now the Flash. Lot better than Agents, which is also good, but DC is king of TV land.

  • TardisBoy

    DC are nowhere near ready for this. They need to build up their universe first. The reason why Avengers worked was because each of the characters had been established with their own stories, that each had interlinking factors to combine the worlds together. DC have none of this yet, so I really do not see how this can work.

  • notsosmartguy

    DC is offic

  • DC needs to give each basic member their own films first.

  • How did I know they were going to do this??