• those plot details make the show sound so damn american that I know they’re not lying. I wish CBS (I think that’s the station) would just stop. the show already doesn’t make sense – Why would he have to go to NYC for rehab? What, does the UK not posses any rehab at all? And the downside is it seems they’re making the show different enough so that the BBC can’t win in court (unless their pilot story is really similar).
    It’s just, GAH! It’s what american television does and why I hate it – they take something good and rape it so that nothing remains but a bruised entity that never deserved to be treated that way.

  • I am staying pretty neutral to the whole Elementary, but a female Watson, now that can’t be good.  I know some Conan Doyle fans get worked up over the fact that recent adaptations have put over a possibility that Sherlock and John were romantically involved.  It is a brilliant gag in Sherlock, especially when John says that people will definitely talk when he and Sherlock hold hands to escape from the police.

    The Americans will most likely have Sherlock and ‘Joan’ (I don’t like it) full on going at it on the sofa at the end of the first episode to show that they have a relationship blossoming, and then at the end of the 2nd Series, probably named The Niagara Fall, Sherlock will tell ‘Joan’ (it doesn’t sound any better with time) that he only slept with her to gain her trust and to fool her even more.
    This sounds like its going to be more like Eastenders (which I can enjoy, but not always, it sorta fills gaps when I’m bored).But I’m keeping an open mind, and WILL (emphasis on the will) watch the pilot.  I might like it.  We all might like it, but laugh at it, for the wrong reasons, as well.I can think of many people who would just watch every episode, critically analysing it, and laughing at it hysterically, and insult the makers just for kicks.  It’s what I’d do 

  • Rory Williams

    Just stop America. Stop now. Are our shows not good enough for you?

    • Campbell_Glass

       Well, if they were, we’d be watching them, wouldn’t we?

  • bluebox444

    I still think it’s unwise to do this. The premise doesn’t sound that bad, and Sherlock Holmes is certainly in the public domain, but I just don’t see the point in doing an American take on the character at the same time that the UK is doing a highly successful version of Holmes. Then again, I could be wrong. The pressure to come up with something different from “Sherlock” may result in an original, engaging version of the story.

    • Campbell_Glass

      The point is, since he’s public domain, ANYBODY can do it.  The point is, to make money.  The point is, to come up with yet another take on the character/stories.

      Really?  Those points escape you?

      Furthermore, loved Series 1 of BBC Sherlock, but Series 2 is certainly not anything that I’d use to declare the end to all future incarnations of Holmes and Watson.  Sure, the first ep of Series 2 was great (fantastic, even), but the next two were abysmal.  I’d rather watch Robert Downey, Jr.’s cinematic Holmes abortion than either of the last two of Series 2.

      • Yes, Sherlock Holmes now-a-days is a public character but if it weren’t for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle we wouldn’t have him at all. Yes, ONE of the main points of a TV show is too make money but that isn’t an exclusive.

        The reason why even people who don’t like the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes still give it points is because the creators and writers RESPECTED the ORIGINAL CREATOR/WRITER! Even though they didn’t have to because, like you state over and over again, he is a public domain character. Just because someone works for you (relies on you to give them a job, especially in these times) doesn’t mean you have to treat them like dirt in the process. Good people wouldn’t, selfish people would.

        You’ve got to ask yourself this:
        If Sherlock Holmes was a public domian firgure but Sir Doyle was still alive would CBS still be making this show with the apparent lack of care for the characters and source as they seem to be?

        In my opinion, no they wouldn’t because they seemingly threw this together in under 2 years but how long did it take Sir Doyle to even come up with the character Sherlock Holmes..?

  • armadilloattack

    Pretty sure they’re only making Watson a woman so they can make it a full out straight relationship between them and that’s just completely ridiculous. Also why the hell would Sherlock need to go to NYC for rehab? Our healthcare is shitty and NYC of all places isn’t exactly the best place to escape an addiction. This overall is just stupidity. They’ve turned an intelligent man with some bad habits into an addict who just happens to be really smart.

    • Actually, speaking as a psych student, it’s logical that Sherlock would need to leave London; the entirety of London–his former playground, in this AU–would be a conditioned stimulus constantly preparing for the influence of a narcotic, making it near impossible for him to kick the habit. For strong addictions, selling a house, car, or moving cities is how much it takes to be done with the problem. However, I’m in agreement about the illogical need for NY; why not Paris, or Edinburgh? By this logic, those other cities would work just as well.

  • katiefair


  • I’ve been keeping an open mind about Elementary, but this…um…well…I’ll just keep my rant limited to one sentence:
    Making Watson female is one of the worst decisions they could possibly make. 

  • Speaking as an American allow me to apologize for this in advance.  I am so, so sorry.

    • Likewise.

    • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

      Me too. Actually, I’m just an immigrant who grew up here so… screw you Americans.  I’m moving back to China.

      • Campbell_Glass

        Goodbye and don’t let the door hit you.

    • I apologize to everyone for Americas horrid behavior as well… I hate what we have done and I am furious. Elementary will never come remotely close to meeting the standards that Sherlock has set and I am truly outraged. Please feel free to send us hate mail.

      • Campbell_Glass

        Yes.  How dare Americans make use of a public domain character which BBC’s Sherlock itself has already twisted and turned for its own filthy lucre.

        Oh, the humanity!

    • As a British person I’d just like to apologise on behalf of any of us who may blame you personally, as an American, for this (if it turns out bad). It’s not your fault at all, it’s television networks and their money-hungry ways.

      ~KEEP BELIEVING!! Moriarty was real!! Sherlock wasn’t a fake!!!!!!!~

  • Dear American fools who made Elementary,
    Yours angrily
    Cult Fix commentors, especially Morgana
    PS: I don’t actually dislike Lucy Liu, mainly because she’s in the fantastic Kung Fu Pamda series, but a female Watson? Seriously? What the fudge, America!!!

  • Larry067

    Should’ve called her Harry imo.

  • Ben Ghan

    thats just stupid. why are they making this

  • lp229

    Perhaps they needed to find a way to make the show different enough so the BBC would not (quite legitimately) sue them? 

    Anyway, unless I see otherwise, I won’t be watching this, Robert Doherty has ripped the heart out of Conan Doyle’s books. It is just another modern crime drama. Again, it is the talents of Sherlock’s writers which make it a fantastic show not its setting in the twenty first century.

  • whoviansince1993

    Have CBS ever read a Sherlock Holmes book? It looks like they just watched Sherlock (BBC) and gave it an American twist. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle must be spinning in his grave of this adaption. 
    My blood was literally boiled over reading this in my newspaper this morning, I couldn’t even concentrate in uni. I’m not even going to bother watching this tripe (I was going to give a chance). I am recently reading the original works, inspired to do so after the brilliant second series, and this adaption is not going to inspire anyone unlike the movies and the BBC series. They are turning it like another American crime drama, like there aren’t too much of those. This isn’t stunt or inspirational casting, this is just them trying to make potential Twlightish romance while making Sherlock fans ANGRY…
    And I thought Life on Mars (US Series) was bad. Oh how wrong was I. At this rate Mycroft would turn out to be Moriarty in the series finale and be completely unrelated to the books. This cannot possibly be picked up after the pilot, especially that average American crime drama premise. This is not Sherlock Holmes.

  • Oh my god, that’s just crazy.

    But I bet it’ll make Holmes/Watson canon :P

  • Dianna W

    In other words: They want to change the story of Sherlock Holmes into a romance…

    • Campbell_Glass

      Says who?  ‘Cause Watson’s female?  Jeez.  And I’m sure you were a Mulder-Scully shipper, too, ’cause ain’ts no ways we can has us some boys AND some girls in da same show without they wantin’ to do it.


  • TARDISkey123

    Idea, dont base it on Sherlock at all! Dont have it anything to do with Sherlock Holmes, reason; this is a pathetic attempt to remake Sherlock. We’ve already made the modern day take on Sherlock and what the US are doing is making a laughing stock out of the franchise. To make John Watson a woman is just completely terrible. US, you have great (original) shows, but not too many and if you actually go on with this terrible attempt of a “Sherlock Holmes” show… Then you are mocking Sherlock as a franchise!

  • There’s a worse reason to be angry at CBS. Not the fact that they’ve made Watson female, it’s the way they’re destroyed the storyline.
    Instead of having her being an army doctor invalided home for Afghanistan, she’s a disgraced doctor who’s lost her license. I find that is blantently unfair TBH.

  • TheFezAndTheBowtie

    I HATE this SO much!

    • Chris

      Who doesn’t?

  • Sophia Jones

    this just justifies why i like british television better than any crap they spew out here.  this is just ridiculous.

  • TheGoldBowtie

    The stupid American turds…

    • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore

      HEY!!! Well…ok. Fine. I’m feeling too unpatriotic right now to care.

  • alex_494


    Are they TRYING to make this as bad as possible?

  • Shall_be_lifted_Nevermore




  • This is total BS this move from the American side does not surprise me at all. This is only a desperate attempt to get horny male audiences to watch this piece of crap.

  • Peripherus

    Typical, something amazing in England and some American producers come and try to copy it and completely ruin it… (I’m not against Americans, its just this has happened so many times)

    • Campbell_Glass

       You know how to fix that, don’t you?  It’s completely crazy, but just bear with me.


      There are myriad shows that I don’t watch and, therefore, don’t ruin a single bit of my day.  So odd, huh?

  • Chris

    They always need a female to make tension i bet they kiss in the finale stupid elementary >:O Arthur  Conan Doyle would not be proud.  

  • Kat Moorby