• Deus Ex Machina

    Will wasn’t that terrible was he? I mean, I get where you’re coming from, but I think he was okay. There was certainly a lot of room for improvement though, and I for one am interested to see where they take the character in season 2. I want to see him go full blown psychotic Nuke. I’ll give you Robyn though. She was kind of funny when she was really minor in her first appearance or two, but she very quickly becomes incredibly annoying.

    Personally though, the character I didn’t like was Jeri Hogarth. It felt like we were supposed to like her, but she was just so dislikable. I mean, her being a lawyer makes her dislikable enough, but her whole divorce subplot was so boring and irrelevant to everything else that was going on. It’s like she was just there to pad the episodes out that little bit extra, and as an excuse to show that Marvel can write a strong LGBT character. Unfortunately, there’s a difference between a strong character and a pointless one.

    Aside from all that though (and a very brief drop in quality around the middle when I got a little bored with it), it was a great series. The rest of the cast was great, especially Tennant as Kilgrave. It wasn’t quite as good as Daredevil, but only marginally. Either way, I’m excited for season 2, which will hopefully be announced very soon.

    • Oliver Gregory

      Will wasn’t a terrible character, just an irritating one who gets more and more in the way making me hate him. I too am looking forward to a full blown psychotic Nuke, and I’m hoping he goes face to face with the Punisher. I didn’t mind Jeri, I just hated the way she became an absolute moron. Yeah, I’m looking forward to season 2 and will definitely watch, although it might be a disappoint given the lack of Tennant.

  • dfsfdv

    I agree that Will was a very bland character, who they put far too much focus on, especially in episode 11 where Kilgrave was nowhere to be seen, and he was attacking Jessica and Trish in her home. That felt like a waste of time: I kept waiting for Kilgrave to show up.
    I felt genuinely sorry for Robyn, though, by the end. She was annoying and bitchy at the start but the turning point was when she found out about her brother. Even though I didn’t love her as a person, her reaction made me feel for her, having seen how close she was to him. I don’t have a problem with her: Will was a lot more irritating and uninteresting.

    • Oliver Gregory

      Will did feel like unnecessary padding, and a poor villain when compared to Kilgrave, and although the scene at Jessica’s apartment was pretty cool, it didn’t compare to anything involving Kilgrave. Even when Robyn found out about her brother she irritated me. The cliche way she blamed Jessica, so much so she set Kilgrave free, really bothered me. She made me feel bad because I didn’t feel for her, despite the fact she wasn’t evil.

  • Great review! Will’s a funny character, really – I enjoyed what they were doing and that it was all a subversion of the traditional male hero role, but it was left far too late and ended up getting in the way of the Kilgrave stuff when it really mattered. Absolutely agree with Robyn – again, I can see what they were trying to do, but a character that exists purely to get in the way is never going to work.

    • Oliver Gregory

      I didn’t mind him at first, and there was some good stuff involving him, however his development felt incredibly rushed and convenient and got in the way of all the other things. I feel with a character like Nuke you need to 100% go for it, and they didn’t. I’m still hoping he appears again, somehow connected to Punisher, with a USA flag on his face.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    After all the hype around the web saying it was the best Marvel show yet, I was disappointed. It wasn’t bad, not nowhere near great. Started off with plenty of promise but the second half ran out of steam. And yes too many annoying characters.

    Very stupid they killed Kilgrave as well. You’ll have a hard time convincing me to watch a Kilgrave-less Season 2. He was easily the best thing in it.

    • Oliver Gregory

      I seem to have enjoyed it more than you did, but I agree with your points. I’ve heard people say that if you look at it Superhero horror show it is amazing but I’m not a huge horror fan. It feels like there are a lot of moments where the show can go one of two ways, and the show almost always goes the weaker way.