• Earthborn

    I feel season 2 would be a bit soon for a Kilgrave return but I hope such an idea isn’t completely off the cards because in my opinion Tennant’s Kilgrave is one of the most sinister and enteraining to watch villains of a long time. He is somewhere up with Heath Ledger and (slightly biased as a massive doctor who fan) Delgado’s Master.

    • The Exploding TARDIS

      Those types of villains are overrated in this genre. It’d be cool if we had something new.

    • Deus Ex Machina

      As awesome as it’d be to see him again, I doubt we’ll be seeing anymore of Kilgrave, unless it’s in flashbacks or something. Otherwise he’d have to be revived from the dead, which kind of goes against the realistic feel of the series so far. Not to say I wouldn’t be happy to see him back, but I think a new villain is probably the way to go.

      • Gustaff

        A few of us are considering starting a Youtube channel dedicated to allowing random fans who’ve listened to various Doctor Who audios sharing their thoughts together. Was wondering if you wanted to take part as part of the start-up team. Considering that few people have recording equipment, these will be audio-only reviews (see what I did there?) so having listened to a story and having some kind of audio recording device that doesn’t produce unwanted background noise are the only requirements if you want to take part?