• Thanks for the wonderfully written review, Pat! It’s disappointing to hear that you found the plot to be poor; many other reviews I have read have thought differently. Ahh well. I expect it will be a film that will divide opinion. :)

    I shall be watching this tomorrow, I for one cannot wait! :D

    • Thanks @TardisBoy:disqus !
      I was surprised at the seriously lacking plot. It wasn’t particularly original, I must say. Post your thoughts on here after you’ve seen it, it’ll be interesting to hear them.

  • Great review, Pat! To be honest, what you’ve outlined is exactly what I expected from the film.

  • This is an absolutely outstanding review, Pat, and also a great way to begin this site’s new foray into movies. Your writing is exceptional, and also highly professional so it most certainly made for an enjoyable read.

    Through this review; you have given me a better understanding of what to expect from this third installment. I am quite disappointed to hear that it’s essentially an action romp due to the initial trailers suggestesting differently, but it’s not to my surprise. They were presenting it as a more darker entry to the franchise, but this review (and also the recent trailers) have made it clear that they’re opting for a more lighter approach.

    Well done anyways, and I can’t wait to watch this in the upcoming days. It may not be a memorable movie, but I hope to be entertained at least.

    • The destruction of Stark’s home made it look very dark and I was expecting something very dark. You will be very surprised.

      • I was hoping it would be a darker film, the writers have been hinting for awhile now that it would be. Alas that does not seem to be the case. :/

        • Same here. The writers have been very misleading, I must say. I was expecting Iron Man 3 to fall towards the first installment in terms of quality and theme, but I’m now quite certain it’s a hardcore entertainer like the second movie in this franchise…

  • Brilliant review, Pat. Really well done. It must feel good to be behind Cultfix’s first film review!

    I’m not a massive fan of the Iron Man franchise, be it the comics or the movies, but I did find the first film seriously entertaining (mostly thanks to Robert Downey Jr – the opening scene in the Humvee is hilarious). And even the second film, though decidedly less impressive than the first, was still solid entertainment. So, I’ve no doubt I’ll enjoy this one as well. I must confess, though, I am a tiny bit disappointed it’s not something altogether more impressive than the first two instalments, as the pre-release trailers seemed to indicate this would be so.

  • Nick Ferrazza

    Couldn’t agree more. Great movie, really funny, but I agree that the villains had no motivation. Why was Killian doing what he was doing and what was he trying to achieve? Still, one flaw in an otherwise epic movie with epic plot twists and an hilarious after credits scene.

  • TheMysteryLiker

    An excellent review Patrick! I cannot agree nor disagree as I have not seen the film yet but I doubt the poor plot in your eyes will hinder my enjoyment of it!

  • doctoract

    I’m seeing it on Sunday and I’ve never seen an Iron Man film before and I turned off the Avengers… Should be interesting…

  • The Oracle™

    Wow, PKS! I didn’t know you were reviewing this!

    Just proves how brilliant you are, you have a bright future! :)