• PK-S

    Great review, Rory – and welcome to the site, it’s always lovely to see new talent step into the fray – and I agree on almost all points.

    I think the point of series one was that it was supposed to be claustrophobic, that Kieran is stuck in a frightful little town with nowhere to go. Of course, with a bigger budget, they could easily move away from that tight-knit, everyone-knows-everything feeling but the makers have, thankfully, kept it whilst widening the show’s scope.

    When Maxine unzipped her bag, there was a small train in there – a child’s toy – so at a guess I’d say she had a child but during the Rising it was killed hence her hatred of Rotters. Sorry, PDS-sufferers.

    • SadCyberman

      Thanks! It’s great to join up and I look forward to reviewing ITF weekly. My problem with the claustrophobic nature of series 1 was that it felt very limited by budget – after a zombie apocalypse, it’s good to take some trips outside the bubble to see how it’s effecting others – and they ddn’t do that at all, which was a little bit of a shame.

  • Chronos

    The small train makes me think that Maxine whether intentionally or unintentionally let her child die maybe