Why did this get a second series and The Fades didn’t??

    • Peripherus

      Because it completely failed and got an awful reception, with most people insulting the BBC saying it was such a discrace.

      • The Administrator

        Err… what? The show was successful, critics loved it and the show won awards.

        • Peripherus

          The show was extremely unsucessful, it got an average viewing of 0.6 million viewers.

    • The Intersect

      Sometimes, television networks do not realise the effect cancelling a show has on the fans. They have to prioritise their programming based on what gets the best response.

      However, I’m sure there will be an online community you can still interact with.

  • Penny


    I loved In the Flesh!

    Kieran was such a lovely character, and I’m intrigued to see what happened to his other partially-deceased friend who we saw leave on the train… and what happened to her after she went.