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Homeland: 311 “Big Man In Tehran” Review – Cult Fix
  • mark27b

    I thought that too. More time spent on this latter Iran ‘political intrigue’ storyline would have been preferable to some of the earlier Dana ‘soap opera’ storylines we got. The plot with killer Leo could have just been dropped and Dana just moved out and got the job where Brody saw her. His journey from Canada to Venezuela, his heroin detox and training for the Iran mission were very rushed as was Carrie’s getting into Iran.

    One of the most interesting plotpoints is the ambiguous question about Brody.

  • Mark Harris

    a target on it’s back
    delivered on it’s aims
    done it’s job
    Despite it’s convenience
    it still had it’s highlights
    None of these should have an apostrophe. Did you ever go to school? If you’re going to use this construction five times in about 750 words, you should learn to get it right.