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Homeland: 208 “I’ll Fly Away” Review

Reviewed by Rich Jepson, cult TV enthusiast and author of 24: Terrorism Through Television.

Carrie really needs to learn the difference between work and pleasure. If things weren’t awkward enough between her and her colleagues, given Carrie’s already colourful history with Brody coupled with some mental health issues, this is made ten times worse by her and Brody’s intimate broadcast. If you’ve ever thought hooking up with someone at work on your staff Christmas party was embarrassing, imagine how Carrie must feel?

This was once again a compelling episode that delved deep into the relationship between the show’s main characters. Brody was in meltdown mode as Carrie finds him nestled in the corner of his corridor feeling “more alone than when he was in Iraq”. In order to save him Carrie feels it’s imperative to take him on another weekend away but this time it’s to a cheap motel where Saul can find her. This was a somewhat necessary move in order to get Brody back in the game as Carrie reassures him of his efforts in stopping Nazir.

Carrie illustrates to the rest of the CIA that her ‘efforts’ in realigning Brody are not just for the good of the country but also for herself. Even Saul knows deep down that she’s still far from stable and her interactions with Brody each time seem to throw more spanners in the works as she seeks to find a balance between saving the U.S, Brody and herself.

Quinn has become a predominant figure this season and he was once again on top form. His argument with Saul was testament to his character, if Saul is a voice of reason he’s surely the voice of logic as the two debate Carrie’s actions. A soothing little moment, as Saul offered him some gum, followed this by showing that these two have a mutual respect for each other.

Dana’s sub-story seems to have been just about wrapped up as she went to visit the daughter of the hit and run victim. Mike’s involvement with this part of the story has been positive and it’s good to see some acknowledgement of his feelings regarding Jess and her kids. He left them practically overnight as Brody remerged from the depths of Iraq and through Dana we get more of an understanding of the effect that this has had on him.

The finale was entertaining but slightly predictable as Brody met up with the main assailant from Gettysburg and was forced onto a chopper to meet a clean-shaven Nazir. No doubt we will shortly find out what the upcoming attack is all about in the coming episode. Where will it take place? When will it take place? And how much involvement will Brody have with proceedings? Three questions to mull over until next week’s edition of Homeland.


Scene of the Episode: “I can’t” – The opening scene between Brody and Jess was exciting and once again gave Damien Lewis a chance to strut his stuff as an Emmy winner.

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