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Homeland: 207 “The Clearing” Review

Reviewed by Rich Jepson, cult TV enthusiast and author of 24: Terrorism Through Television.

Dana’s decision to reveal the truth about the hit-and-run was definitely the right move, not just for her character but also for the show. This is a storyline that could have dragged on for weeks until it came to a head at an influential point in the drama. This would’ve been entertaining yet annoying as Dana and Finn’s interactions have been at times. Thankfully, The Clearing took care of it and now the attention can move to the parents and what they intend to do with this news.

Walden obviously is going to bury this as quickly as possible and has the help of Estes in achieving this ambition. From Finn’s reaction to Dana’s questioning, I’m guessing this isn’t the first time the little brat has done something like this, maybe not of this magnitude, but it seems as if his parents are used to mopping up after him.

As for the Brody family, well Jessica got a lesson in dirty politics from her Walden counterpart, it’s a bitter taste of what life is like when you’re husband is running for office. This situation is another example of showing just how new to this type of lifestyle the Brody family are and how their inexperience could impact hugely on the fate of the next U.S president. Both Jess and Brody want to do the right thing by their daughter and are prevented from doing so by the powers that be – including Carrie.

Saul turned to his former road trip buddy, Aileen, for answers regarding the attack on the tailor’s in Gettysburg. This was a long shot that brought with it a great piece of continuity between the two seasons. This segment of the episode was touching in places as Saul clearly saw something more in Aileen then just evil. His emotional attachment clearly clouded his judgement, leaving his only possible lead lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. The CIA look to be almost out of leads when it comes to the impending attack on the U.S, where will they look for an opening now? Roya again?

Despite doing his best impression of a wounded Vietnamese soldier (a la Apocalypse Now), Quinn managed to crawl out of bed and back to work with the help of only a few pills and a dunkin’ donuts’ coffee. He’s fast becoming one of the show’s most entertaining, supporting characters, with his combination of dark sarcasm and defined aggression.

The ending to this week’s episode felt a little OTT, as the music built up to an immense climax all that really happened was Dana running away. Sean Callery composes the score for Homeland and has done a fantastic job so far, just like he did on 24 and is also doing over on Elementary. Even though this was a strong finale the music went way overboard as we watched Brody head after his daughter. That snag aside this was once again a superb episode of Homeland that explored some interesting themes of politics, conspiracy and detention. It’s hard to believe we’re already past the halfway point of the second season – the next few weeks are going to get very exciting.


Scene of the Episode: Best Last Day – A moving scene that showcased how Saul’s involvement with Aileen was more than what it seemed. This also presented a number of political issues in terms of detainment and human rights.

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