• notsosmartguy

    I never got into heroes fully but I’ll give it a shot.

  • Steve Willis

    The series wasn’t awful. Had some really great episodes. Had interesting themes for each season which it didn’t execute as well as it could have:
    What if morally bad people (besides Syler) got powers? (Villains)
    What if people with powers were rounded up and put into isolation camps/complexes?
    What if there was a community of people with powers who had a corrupt leader who wanted to “collect” other people with powers to power himself up?

    Great ideas, but didn’t live up to the concept. Also its finales were anti-climatic. Annoyed how the last season ended (given that they weren’t going to do more). Had too many “future” episodes that were pointless since their futures never happened.

    I’m optimistic. They can do it well. I just hope they will. I would rather they continued on rather than reboot it from nothing.