• The Count

    I’ve been loving the new season. As I saw someone say, they’re letting the ”dust settle” in these first few Season 3 episodes after the shocking Season 2 finale, and I like how they’re doing it. Not putting anything too ”major” into play just yet (As in, they haven’t got the characters running around like headless chickens), they’re just letting the major characters play their parts individually and slowly, giving us the information we need in a calm, well thought out way. That said, I can’t wait for the next episode, where we’re apparently going to find out what did happen after the finale and where everyone is now. I can see the return of Mason Verger, Chilton, and Alana bringing about a bit more… ”fury”, to the hunt.

    Very big shame to hear about it being cancelled by NBC though. Not happy. But hopefully one of the online streaming companies like Netflix will pick it up.