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Hannibal: 101 “Apéritif” Review – Cult Fix
  • A fantastic review, Gabriel!

    Can I just welcome you to the Cult Fix team, as you’re new and that’s great (I love new people)! I look forward to many more reviews of this calibre.

    I’m Patrick Kavanagh-Sproull, I did Broadchurch reviews recently.

  • A friend got me into this show and it’s amazing! I’m currently on episode 7 and it gets really good (especially episode 6!)

  • montebank

    Imagine uncut Dexter on NBC. Regardless of how good the show gets I can’t see it going pass the first season. Should have developed it for cable, do the edit and port it over to prime time. The political correctness will creep in and ruin it, the advertisers will insist upon it.