• notsosmartguy

    Just saw it I’m gonna say this is probably the best marvel film. It’s a really fun science fiction tale in a sea of grim and gritty takes on the genre.


    Probably my favourite of all the Marvel films. This felt like it was made for me, a bonkers space adventure with ridiculous characters, who each have great chemistry with one another, gorgeous visuals with fantastic action scenes and plenty of colour, alongside an amazing soundtrack and some genuinely heartfelt moments.

    All of the Guardians were amazing. Each of them had numerous moments in the spotlight, and all had strong character arcs. Groot was my favourite, if not the obvious Rocket Raccoon, but I was really quite surprised by how funny and awesome Drax and Gamora were, and Peter Quill was one of the most perfectly cast roles in movie I’ve seen in a while.

    This feels like the first ‘fun’ movie we’ve had in a very long time. It’s a film where the kids in the cinema cheered when awesome stuff happened, and the sort of experience where I’ll find myself waking up in the morning still buzzing about it for weeks to come.

    Also, the post-credits scene was one of my favourites so far. Quite short, but me and my friend basically screamed like fangirls when we saw it. Absolutely brilliant.