• That picture… O.O

  • TheHitchcockWhovian

    Blimey. Still good looking. Ish.

  • de4n01234

    Add this to the recent rumour that David Tennant will be voicing Rocket Raccoon…that’s just too much awesome for one movie!

    • The Four-Five-Six

      There is also a rumour that David will play Rid Richards in upcoming Fantastic 4 reboot.))

      • Nick Ferrazza

        Both great casting if either happens.

      • Liam Catterson

        I thought he expressed his interest and it wasn’t a rumour

  • Alistair3900

    I’m wondering if her character is the literal representation of death (whom Thanos is in love with)

  • Gustaff

    I imagine Matt is very jealous. He’s been expressing interest in America movies. I know he got the part in How to Catch a monster, but Gillan got in with marvel. That’s like America’s version of Doctor Who. I must admit, Ant Man will suck as I consider it a useless hero, but if they do The Wasp, then Gillan should play Jane van Dyne.

    • YeOldeKang (RoastNewt)

      I’m sure Matt will be grown up about it. Karen is one of his best friends after all. And I bet that as soon as he’s finished in Doctor Who, he’ll be landing some very big roles too.

      • Gustaff

        Like playing the Doctor isn’t a big role. You’re right. Whatever Doctor Who touches turns to gold. I always suspected that landing the role of the Doctor is like winning the jackpot. When Smith leaves, he’s going to be spectacular!

  • ApertureDaleks

    They should call her ‘Karen Villain’.

    • *Ba Dum Tsih*

    • YouveBeenGalliFramed

      “really bad joke”? That was incredible.

      • ApertureDaleks


  • Internal_Dalek

    She reminds me of the ganger of Jennifer from
    The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People

  • Friend of the Ood

    *punches air*

  • Friend of the Ood

    DW is taking over the world…

    • Liam Catterson

      (Insert Doctor Eggman laugh)

  • SonicTheHedgehogRules

    Well, this is something nobody could predict.

    I always like seeing Doctor Who actors in something new after they leave the show. It just proves how awesome they are as actors!

  • I just hope she doesn’t dye her hair for it!

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    I’ll definitely be watching this then. It’s so great to see her doing all these things.

    • theDAB

      Let me guess… She’s awesome? :P

  • The Mind Controller

    I’ll be watching it then

  • GibbyBlogger

    Well done, Kazza!

    Only the second(?) – and first in a major role – Who actor to appear in a Marvel movie! :D

    • Braden

      Eccleston has a major role in Thor 2, where he will be playing the villain.

      • GibbyBlogger

        Ah, yes, of course. I forgot about that…

        Well done, Kazza!

        Only the third(?) – and second in a major role – Who actor to appear in a Marvel movie! :D

        • Whogasms

          Andrew Garfield in Evolution of the Daleks plays Spiderman.

  • The Intersect

    Nice one Karen. Glad to hear you’re still doing well.

  • ilyootha

    This photo scares me.

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    The Girl Who Waited….oh god I think we made her wait too long

  • Riversong 2

    I have heard about the movie but I am glad she is in it and I think she will be good

  • TheDarkLordDeep™

    That photo strikes fear in my heart every time…

  • sontaran17

    YAY!!!KAREN!! I wonder if Marvel are all like – Lets take A Doctor and make him evil (Christopher Eccleson THOR 2) and a Companion and make them evil (Karen Gillan) and then do a spinoff movie series about Daleks- Heros of Skaro

    • Liam Catterson

      Next thing you’ll know, John Simm will be saving the Earth…


  • TheDarkLordDeep™

    That’s two who actors that have villain roles in marvel films now!

  • That’ll be…erm…interesting…

  • CybermanFan

    This is both great/fantastic news and annoying…why does every new British talent HAVE to play a villian?! Particularly if they have a none ‘bbc English’ accent?!
    Ah well. Also amazing and brill because, yay, it’s Amy Pond and she’s in a cool Marvel film!

    • The Intersect

      Americans feel threatened by our accent because we sound intelligent. So they cast British people as villians to make them seem scarier.

      Trust me, they’ve done it in thousands of films. Most recently, Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek: Into Darkness or Tom Hiddlestone in The Avengers.

      • Well, come on, now, would an illiterate villain be scary? The best ones are really smart and articulate!

    • Martin Frandsen

      It makes perfect sense if you think about it. It’s a common perception that the British accent makes a person sound more intelligent than they necessarily are, and aren’t the best villains those who we regard as intelligent?

    • harpdevil

      I mean, sure, but we have been villains to a lot of people in a lot of countries. We owned more of the world than anyone ever has, and the repercussions can still be felt in some parts of the world. As for America, we fought a war against them so to them we were the bad guys.

    • Bob James

      It’s called the “Alan Rickman Effect”, and might soon also include the”Benedict Cumberbatch Effect”,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • doctorwhofan1

    when i saw that headline i thought it meant karen playing a villain in the 50th lol :P

    • Liam Catterson


  • TheTimeTravellingMelodyPond

    Well done Karen. It will be an interesting film to see.

  • rocoty

    Suddenly she is not so hot anymore…

  • Liam Catterson

    Now I have something new to watch :P

  • Josh Thomas

    As a Marvel fan and a Doctor Who fan and the fact the Karen is my future wife, This is best thing I’ve heard all day and I just woke up!!!!!!

    • Whogasms

      I would definitely do her…

  • YeOldeKang (RoastNewt)

    I’m so happy for her. I hope she continues to achieve her dreams and do great things!

  • Johnny Solfleur

    Zombie Pond

  • Whey to go Karen! It’s nice to know she and Arthur are doing great after leaving Who!

  • Oh my god, this is a brilliant news. Especially that she’s doing so well after leaving DW (plus playing with Michael Rooker as villains!). i think it’s going to be interesting because Amy is a protagonist and Karen is going to play an antagonist.

    And Karen must be in a costume. Imagine that.

  • Ben Strachan

    I have never heard of the guardians of the galaxy, are they going to be in the avengers 2?

    • Gustaff

      No. They are one of those far away marvel creations. Not nearly as known as Iron man or Spider-man. As for Avengers 2, no, I don’t believe so. Even though there are a lot of Avengers, Marvel has confirmed that they won’t go overboard. Spider-Man and Wolverine, who are also avengers, will not be appearing. They have their own movies.

    • 10th rules

      They’re basically this intergalactic alien superhero team from the future who fight most of their battles either in space or on far off planets. They definitely wont be in Avengers 2 as they’re from about 10 centuries in the future. However they may be introduced in it if there’s a time travel plot which is highly unlikely seeing as The new X-men days of future past film is based on time travel. And if you’re wandering whether this team will be any good, all you need to know is that there’s a talking raccoon on the team. Nuff said =)

      • There is a team of Guardians of the Galaxy from the 31st century, but the ones in this film are present day Guardians, Re: the newer comic started in the past few years.

    • Time and Space Pirate

      Most likely not. In terms of the Avengers 2 story arc, GotG will mainly introduce Thanos as a villain to the Marvel Universe (I think. It’s an estimated guess, since Thanos has been part of the GotG comics).

  • SkyFaller

    *looks at picture*

    what the hell is that?!

    • 42 Gallifreyan Anglerfishes

      It’s from “The Nerdist-”
      Karen Gillan turned into a zombie for an episode.

  • Mike Greenhalgh

    what the hell have they done to karen’s face!!

    • bananastand

      Is it not the same? There’s no skirt in this pic. I guess I didn’t notice.

  • Karen is a zombie in the pic while Michael Rooker played a character who got turned into a zombie.

    Zombie reunited.

  • 10th rules

    It’s such a shame that she hasn’t been able to age well haha =D

  • Time and Space Pirate

    Whoa, this was surprising! I gotta say, I’m quite happy that Gillan is moving up in the acting world. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  • Penny


  • Smithian

    It is ridiculous what kind of a stepping stone “Doctor Who” has become for its lead actors now. Billie Piper gets “Secret Diary of a Call Girl,” David Tennant is still one of the most in-demand UK TV actors and still flirts with Hollywood, Freema Agyeman gets “Law & Order: UK” and “Carrie Diaries,” Catherine Tate was taken seriously as a dramatic actress on the West End and did “The Office,” and now this. If “Doctor Who” had been taken this seriously in the ’70s, who knows where Tom Baker or Katy Manning et al would have ended up.

  • scottmccowan

    I know a different movie, but Jenna-Louis Coleman would be great as Wanda (Scarlet Witch) for Avengers 2.

  • Whogasms

    This is one movie where I want the villain to win……..

  • Hello, old friend, and here we are. You and me, on the last page. By the time you read these words, Rory and I will be rulers of the universe. So know that we lived well, and were very happy.

  • Shaun Reid

    Is there is any link to Thanos in this film then Karen night play Nebula who claims to be his granddaughter.

  • TheOncomingFish

    Cool! Glad to see she’s got lots of projects after Doctor Who. She seems to be doing great outside of Who (which is understandable, considering what a good actress she is) :)

  • DLK

    Amy, after one of decaying. ROFL

  • The Doctor

    Good for her. I’m not a fan of the Marvel films but I might consider seeing this one!

    • How in all hell can you not be a fan of the MCU?! Especially as it includes one of the best films of the century thus far: The Avengers!

  • JailBanksters

    Crikey, she’s morphed into Lindsay Lohan !!

  • invalidpseudoynm

    I don’t know where the idea came from that Rooker is potraying a villain with Lee Pace and Karen. He’s playing Yondu, a member of the Guardians or at least that is the most spoken about rumour.

  • Koshei

    What about coming back to Doctor Who again, but play at villain too?

  • TheLawsOfTime