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Guardians of the Galaxy: First Trailer – Cult Fix
  • The Twelfth Finn

    Took me a couple of watches to see Karen Gillan, since I didn’t know what her character looks like.

  • Gustaff

    She could really have worn a bald cap and gotten away with it. Ah Karen. I loved that hair. Why oh why must you go so far for your art? Inspiring!

    • I have seen the trailer about fifty times! I’m looking forward to Karen and also Rocket Raccoon

      • Gustaff

        I’ve never really heard of the Guardians before. I mostly stick to Spidey and Ironman.

        I suppose I will give it a try. Also looking forward to Pompeii in 3D

        • You must get into it. It is amazing!
          Also, it is related to the Avengers with the whole Infinity Gauntlet storyline.

          • Gustaff

            Not a comic book fan, so my knowledge of Marvel fanlore stems from tv shows, but these days, Marvel on television have been ruined. Only do the movies. They rock.

          • Haha. I gave up on Agents of Shield. But the Infinity Gauntlet is so cool, the device which gives someone ultimate power of the universe, only you need all six Infinity Stones to enact it. The Tesseract is the a Space stone. Have you seen Thor 2?

          • Gustaff

            Yeah, but already forgot most of the plot haha

          • The Aether from Thor 2 is also an Infinity Stone/Gem. I reckon what the Guardians have is another stone, which is I’m guessing why everyone’s after them.

            I really like how the Marvel movie story-arc is panning out :D cannot wait for this film!

          • The Aether is in fact the Power Stone. And yes, Guardians has been confirmed to feature one as well

    • You have to admit, though, she still looked fantastic with no hair :)

  • Liana

    The racoon is funny, and remembers me my football team’s mascot, Indi. It’s a racoon too.

  • Is this in the 3 line of movies of Marvel?

    And I’m high on believing…
    You’re in love with meeeeee…

    Although, I can’t say it’s not a shame they didn’t use this version:

    • PӨᄃΚΥDӨП

      I never would’ve thought this song would actually work in a trailer…but my god, it does! XD

  • Kyle Edgecomb

    She looks sexy as a blue bald chick

  • Joel Mole

    She looks like a steampunk robot. And she’s still hot

  • The Catterson

    Karen Gillan and Batista in the same film – Fangirl moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Friend of the Ood

    I’m resisting the urge to say WTF here. I guess I’ll have to wait and see this.

  • Aren’t these the aliens from the new Tetley Tea ads?

  • Ilyootha

    Pointless striken-out off-topic text, simply because of how much I miss being able to use html tags in the comments!

    To be honest, she doesn’t appear “hot” to me in this form. It’s kinda very sad that Karen had to get rid of her wonderful hair in exchange for… this.

    Anyway, looking forward to the movie! When did you say it’s out? 8.1.14? Yay, it should already be in ci… Damn! I forgot they write month and day in a weird order :(

    • Chris

      In exchange for what? The character in the comics is bald, so Karen went bald. She cut off her hair for the role, what else did you think she cut if off for?

      • Ilyootha

        I know that, thank you. All I’m saying is that I don’t particularly like how she looks while playing this role: some people found this character sexy, I didn’t.

    • Ilyootha

      Yay, a downvote! I missed them :P

  • EvilZygonRabbit


    *whew* Sorry. I really never thought I would get freaked out by Karen Gillan. She looks scary…and COOL.

    • BadWolf 2

      Thats what I think I love the make up

  • …would still marry her.

  • BadWolf 2

    it looks good

  • TheOncomingFish

    Wow. This movie actually looks really awesome. It looks a bit offbeat and quirky (in a good way) but still with action and space-y stuff. And Karen looks terrifying. She’s definitely moved on from Amy Pond! Glad to see she’s doing so well outside of Who.

  • Anon

    Also, for those in America, Karen Gillan has also been cast as the lead in a comedy series on ABC! Hopefully it gets picked up as a series! It’s called “Selfie” lol so proud of Karen :)

    • I don’t care if it is the worst series ever, I am watching every week!

      • Anon

        Same here!!!!

  • Deus Ex Machina

    Of all the phase 2 Marvel movies, this is probably the one I’m most exited about.

  • JailBanksters

    Karen is really attractive, she goes to work and they make her really ugly.
    It just seems so wrong, but I guess as long as people really hate you as a Villain then you’ve succeeded as an Actress. Karen’s a great actress, I just hope people don’t like the Villain too much.

  • BadWolf 2

    I think if an actress wants to become a really great actress they have to do different types of roles and I think the character she is playing is nice to look at