• Djornad

    I still don’t understand why this was created…

    • Chris

      Because David tennant and american accent

    • Bob James


  • TardisBoy

    Same story, the exact same character’s with the same names….what on earth is the point of this series? What’s different from the original, other than it’s set in America? Pointless.

    • Chris

      David has different hair..

    • Jarditvoretollperidanahv

      The ending is different…., so useful.

    • PK-S

      For some completely bizarre reason they’ve changed Alec Hardy to Emmett Carver. Granted, Alec’s a Scottish name but they could have just changed it to Alex? Emmett Carver is what? To appeal to an American audience? Ha. It’s an Irish name, anyway.

  • Earthborn

    There is a difference between remake and just a blatant copy. I didn’t even watch the trailer with sound but that first clip just sealed the deal on my disgust to the show

    • SarahLouise21

      It has been stated there will be a different ending so the killer won’t be the cops husband.

      • Timhogan

        This is the biggest problem in my book. They are pretty much copying the show scene for scene but changing the ending. That doesn’t work, the story was created with a specific ending, to just change it is going to be weird. This was a horrible, horrible idea by Fox. They should of just bought Broadchurch syndication and shown the real version in America on Fox, would of done so much better. I fear the ending is going to end up being lame.

        • SarahLouise21

          Funny enough Broadchurch has been shown over in America so that is weird that they done a remake lol.

        • A_Persom

          Fox is much to conservative to show a British show.

    • Nushyb

      If I am not mistaken I am sure that Chris Chibnall wrote the first episode, which is why its probably really similar. He says the ending will be different though. I will watch it and I want it to do really well, mainly cause Tennant is in it. On a big American network, the show in an American setting, its going to (hopefully) attract a bigger audience, that’s why they changed it, that’s what I think anyway.

  • twoheartsonemind

    So… it’s exactly the same except for the ending. They even used the exact same staging of sets and the script seems awfully similar.

  • The Oncoming Hurricane

    …Shot for shot? Really? And the woman playing Beth really does not sell me on her character the way Jodie Whittaker did. I hope this fails badly, as it’s just lazy.

  • PK-S


  • Steve Willis

    I think it’s a shame that Tennant got his role but Olivia didn’t get hers.
    Then again, I suppose it’s another actress getting exposure on hopefully a positive reflection of her abilities.
    It just feels weird having only Tennant.

    FTR I haven’t watched Broadchurch.

  • notsosmartguy

    My policy on remakes is that it should only be done if you can take a fresh new take on an old concept. While I haven’t watched broadchurch I get the impression from the comments this is a rehash.