• notsosmartguy

    Am I the only one sick of dc banking on batman all the time. There are other way more interesting parts of dc lore to draw from.

    • They have Batman v Superman featuring Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Lex, Cyborg and more characters lined up. They’ve got the Flash TV series coming up, there’s Arrow. There’s been Smallville… probably may have missed some out too. I think it’s fair to say they’re focussing due amount of attention elsewhere in DC.

      • notsosmartguy

        A fair point but do you honestly think craming those characters into bvs is really the best move? Wonder Woman and Aquaman deserve their own movies and this is just an excuse to rush establishing a universe to catch up to marvel. As for Flash and Arrow yea I’m cool with those shows but it always felt dc’s great roster of
        characters is overshadowed by the dark knight I mean he has way to many comics.

        • No. I didn’t imply I did. In fact, i agree with. You. They’re throwing way too many characters in and it’ becoming overhhwhelming.

          But I honestly don’t think Batman’s overshadowing anyone. But it’s no secret that he’s their most popular character!