• Friend of the Ood

    Is this sort of a prequel to the next Batman movie?

    • No, it’s like smallvile but with less focus on batman

    • No, it’s just an original drama, acting as a prequel to the character in general. It’s essentially Arrow, Smallville, the upcoming Flash etc. focussing on the lesser acknowledged story on the character of Bruce and paying more attention toward Gordon.

  • Rather looking forward to this! :D Batman’s my favourite superhero so to see the story of a young Bruce Wayne living his life just after his parents’ murder and a key focus on Commissioner Gordon’s life is a whole load of fanboyness to fanboy over. Smallville was one of my favourite shows and Arrow is certainly a brilliant series too. If Gotham follows in their footsteps, it’s sure to do very well.
    Not to mention a great cast!

  • Tom Gluck

    So Bruce is a 12 year old. That means if we get like…. 8 seasons we may see a hint or glimpse of Batman.