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    Since I loathe all things Fish, I was obviously bored and disappointed. My hope is for that to be remedied fast with the character gone, although I fear never eliminated. That would be too much to ask for. On the negative as well, with no interest in Batman or BW, it’s very difficult to manufacture any for those scenes.

    I agree that Gordon, main character and who should be the main focus, was side-lined, as was the case in the first season too often when the show was the weakest. The show was the strongest when he’s been the center and anchor, which was nearly all of last year. The error of too many players and too much vying for too little time was repeated again, a frequent mistake of pilots and poorly done premieres attempting to set up story and failing to do so. I agree about eliminating the Court, but a whole lot less FM would have been better. Getting to the more compelling plots and the personal stories involving Gordon and Bullock and their relationship and dynamic and the obvious tension between Gordon and a very ego-driven and reckless Barnes would have been a huge improvement. Gordon has every right to be angry and dismissive of Barnes and that was never addressed last year. A more personal look at the main character losing all purpose and any family and all connections would have made for a powerful story with how the others were tied in. FM was an unwelcome distraction, but for me, she already is.

    I’d say that the cast can be too large and hope and agree that after the first 2 episodes, that things will hit their stride, with the main character driving the story and the others used as necessary to support related secondary plots adding to the whole. Putting characters on screen just to have them included randomly is too crowded and a drawback.

    As usual, top points to Ben McKenzie, who does his job so well and apparently so effortlessly that his performance is taken for granted and overlooked. His scenes with Donal Logue are always favorite. I’m still finding Jamie Chung as trying too hard and her character annoying, but I guess she’s supposed to be that way. I’m looking forward to more interaction between Ben McKenzie and Robin Taylor and some kind of clarity from Morena Baccarin, not circling, so her character owns her actions and has to try to explain. I’m not looking forward to the BW doppelganger. I can’t help laughing when it’s on screen.

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