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Godzilla (2014) Asia Trailer


An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

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  • notsosmartguy

    YES!!!!!!!!!!! We will have a kaiju fight I was afraid they’d save it for a sequel. I hope this movie is good and does well though big G has always been a tuff sell outside the Asian market.

    • Joel Mole

      Kaiju? Godzilla isn’t in the same universe as pacific rim

      • notsosmartguy

        Kaiju is a general term for giant monsters even before Pacific Rim and I heard a rumor that they might be in the same universe for a crossover but that’s too awesome to happen.

        • Joel Mole

          I might just die of excitement if it were true

  • notsosmartguy

    I seriously doubt anyone s gonna see this comment but I just wanted to share my thoughts on the film. Being a godzilla fan I feel like giving my perspective:

    Saw it yesterday 10/10 keep in mind this isn’t like pacific rim, it has a very old school blockbuster vibe similar to Jaws meaning there was a lot of teasing the fight between Godzilla and the M.U.T.O. menace building up to one glorious brawl that is worth the wait. I feel the people who have negativity towards the film aren’t to familiar with godzilla movies at all. Most of the screen time in alot of kaiju films focus more on the human characters reactions to these strange beasts than them fighting and destroying stuff. The M.U.T.O. s themselves where great monsters in there own right worthy of challenging the king of the monsters. The director deserves an award for perfectly capturing the king of the monsters while having his own vision. The dark gritty atmosphere works much better here than in Zack Snyder’s crapfest the Man of Steel adding to the depth of the story rather than being pretentious. The Characters where ok but the only character s who left an impact where the Fords (father and son) and Ken watanabe’s character. If your looking for your standard disaster action trash stick too the transformers, if your looking for a summer blockbuster with a bit more too offer than this is for you.


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