• Gustaff

    Sounds like a 5/10 movie to me. Also seems like the American one shot in the early 2000s was much better. I enjoyed it.

    Also, I got the impression there would be a whole managerie of mutated creatures fighting Godzilla? Where are they or did I not pay enough attention?

    • PK-S

      Oh, cripes! I put it as a 6/10 then decided to change it to a 5 but never got round to it. Err.. I’ll drop Jamie an email.

      Well, erm.. I don’t really want to be mentioning “a whole menagerie of mutated creatures” because the review’s spoiler-free and they’re mildly spoilerish.

      • Gustaff

        I’d take it if it means boosting the movie’s popularity. Still haven’t seen Spider-Man 2 as my friends are too busy at the moment.

        I will say this, Hollywood shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the imaginative ideas of Japan. They seem to mess it up once they get their hands on it.

        • notsosmartguy

          This was an exception imo. I’m a long time fan of godzilla and felt it did the big g justice. I say give it a chance just don’t expect it to be pacific rim 2

    • TheTwelfthRises

      Nope. It’s a great movie that steps on the 1998 one. Everybody’s got an opinion and mostly everybody’s leaning on the positve side for this one.

      • notsosmartguy

        It gets the hardcore gojira fanboy approval from me. It is what a reboot should be something different but keeps to the spirit of the original.

  • notsosmartguy

    Nice review :-) but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree as i enjoyed this rendition of the king of the monsters a lot.

    I’d first like to describe my history with Godzilla. The best way I can describe my relationship with him is something similar to a lot of people’s relationship with Doctor Who, I grew up watching his movies and playing his games I fell in love with kaiju who has been everything from villain to hero and pretty much everything inbetween. He has a big part of my childhood and he holds a very important place I n my heart. I was terrified that this movie was gonna be terrible. But not only did it meet my expectations it exceeded them. This movie isn’t the movie people expect it is. This isn’t another Pacific Rim and I want people to know this going in.

    The feel of the movie has a dark and haunting quality to it that fits this movie much more than other dark reimagionings like man of steel. It touches on the themes of the original while keeping the kaiju fighting tradition intact. I actually really liked the army in this movie it, it feels more… organic than in movies like transformers or man of steel. Sure Brody wasn’t the most interesting protagonist but I feel seeing the perspective of a soldier going up against these Kaiju. Though I feel promoting Ken Watanabe’s Character to be the protagonist and making Brody a side character for the sequel would be better.

    As for the Kaiju scenes themselves That where amazing. This was the first time I was genuinely terrified of the monsters instead of in awe of their power. The M.U.T.O.s where awesome original creations and worthy of challenging the king of the monsters.
    Now to address the big guy himself. I know a lot of people whined about Godzilla not being in the film as much as they think he should’ve and that there’s too much humans. But….. that’s pretty much how a lot of godzilla movies are focusing on the humans efforts to defeat the monsters as well as the other monsters origins much more than big g. They build up the final fight and that made it much Better and more meaningful than the fights in other summer blockbusters we see today. For example when godzilla finally uses his signature move it feels really epic and was well earned.

    My score is a 9/10 if people want instant gratification go see bayformers 4. If you want a dark gritty movie with meaningless destruction rent man of steel. If you want a great movie that gives you your kaiju fighting fix rent pacific rim. But if your looking for a smarter blockbuster that pays tribute to the Great works of old I recommend this movie.

    And hey even if the movie wasn’t good at least we got an awesome snicker commercial :-)

  • Guest