• YellowEternal

    I love the way that the trailer only offers glimpses of the monster.

    • TARDIS44

      They said in Empire that’s the idea. Because it’s a complete revamp, they are waiting a while for the full reveal

  • Who Fan No 565

    After seeing this and the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, I’m starting to think this year may be one of the best for action/sci-fi cinema!

  • Steve Willis

    Hopefully it will be an entertaining watch.

    I find with monster movies you need to see them with the intent of seeing a monster. Any rich narrative or exploration of the human condition is a luxurious bonus.

    I was too excited for Cloverfield and was slightly let down. With Godzilla I’m going to go and watch it for the monster (and hopefully leave the cinema after getting a lot more).

  • Joel Mole

    Holy moly! It looks HUGE!!!!