• i haven’t been watching outcast as its on too late as i am only 12.

    • All 4 episodes are on iPlayer.

  • Shame – it’s FINALLY getting exciting, but I suppose it’s too late now… There goes another original idea. I suppose we’ll get another re-imagining of a classic or a talent show because apparently that’s what people want. (rant over)

    • Yokkomono

      i agree with you like my post says reality shows and as you say talent all very well but how unimaginative …. ebody’s becoming brain dead

  • Guest

    This is stupid. They should let the show finish in its original slot. It’s not like they are selling commercial breaks in the slot on Mondays.

  • Captaincosmic

    I t5hink i speak for all of us here when i say the BBC are b******s.

  • Yokkomono

    I thought it was a really good series, obviously people only seem to enjoy reality soaps these days ….. how boring get a life and think outside the box…..let your imagination expand
    Well done to ppl who try to make a difference by comming up with quality work like the Outcasts series