• Red Mist

    Good article.

    I would just say that Jon was never actually blinded. He knew exactly what everyone in the Nights Watch thought about his decision with the Wildlings. He even tells Sam before the assassination that he is the most hated and unpopular man in the Nights Watch. So it is wrong to say that Jon was blinded.

    To “Kill the boy”, is all about making hard and unpopular decisions. He made a choice for the greater good of the realm, if he did not try to rescue the Wildlings then the army of the dead would just be getting bigger and bigger. The safe choice for Jon would have been to do nothing about the situation and just sit around at Castle Black and wait for the White Walkers to arrive. But Jon actually tried to follow his Nights Watch duties, of protecting the realms of men. The Nights Watch was created to protect the realm against the White Walkers. Jon knew it was a very dangerous and unpopular decision to make, but because of the man that he is, he was always going to make that choice and risk the consequences. I would not call that bad leadership, many great leaders have been assassinated because of unpopular decisions, and their decisions was often the right choice in the end.

  • TheCyberDoctor

    Great article Mark! I really hope that he isn’t dead or is brought back, and it would make sense for him to be changed somewhat as a result. Someone who is very different to the man we already know. And apparently, if using the Lord of Light resurrection, the longer someone’s been dead the more changed they are. This method seems extremely likely, although I am hoping for him being healed by fire, revealing him as a Targaryen.
    One thing I did hear about casting, was the call for several young dark haired actors. That to me, and I think I heard it somewhere, suggests that they might have the appearence of young Eddard and his brothers. Perhaps that’s what will start the series off, with young Eddard, Benjen and Brandon. And maybe, that scene in the tower (if it happens) will occur later in the series. At the end of the day, we all want it to happen.
    I just so hope Jon is returned to us, in whatever form he now is, as he is a truly amazing character. And, as you say, the only one at the wall we can view the events through, the rest are dull as dishwater. Here’s to the painful wait to series 6, still at least there’s Doctor Who soon! ;)

  • J_Aich_B

    Your point about Arthur Dayne is an interesting one, as I have quite a few thoughts on the Daynes myself (Ashara Dayne is thought by many in Westeros to be Jon’s mother, for one).

    • J_Aich_B

      Furthermore, in the books, the current lord of Starfall — Edric Dayne — goes by the name ‘Ned’, and is squire to Beric Dondarrion, the man resurrected by the Lord of Light in Season 3/A Storm of Swords.