• Liam Argent

    Awesome predictions! I would have given the episode an 8 out of 10 personally, but I agree with your review. I don’t think Jaime Lannister will die (at least not yet!), but I think the rest will happen. My prediction is Cersei will start a wildfire in King’s Landing like Tyrion did in the Blackwater and The Mad King planned to do!

  • TheCyberDoctor

    I couldn’t agree more – its simply a fantastic episode! The best bit of the episode for me is the return of Drogon, whose visual effects are stunning, and Daenerys’ speech. I can’t wait for the day we see all three of the, fully-grown, dragons together – that’s going to be breathtaking. Anyway, the episode overall, while not neccessarily featuring big set pieces, has some truly outstanding moments. 9/10

  • ShalkaDoctor

    Wow. For once I’m gonna say Mark scored too high! This was very good but not quite as exciting as last week’s.

    • Mark McCullough

      Haha. Maybe someday we’ll agree on a rating. Hopefully before the end of the series. These last two episodes as a unit have been sublime though.