• TheCyberDoctor

    Brilliant review Mark! I’ve got to say I absolutely loved this episode, it hit all the right notes for me. The tragic fate of Hodor was, well tragic, and rendered me an emotional wreck. You’re right, the words “hold the door” will never be the same again. As for the time-travel I don’t think Bran changed anything, he just made what had already happened happen. I read a theory that ties in with this, but I don’t want to say in case its wrong or too spoilery for some people. Its pretty cool, and makes Bran even more important to the universe.

    Anyways, the Arya, Daenerys and Tyrion storylines were all brilliant this week. You can tell that Arya isn’t really no one, especially when she’s watching the play and seeing how they’re portraying her father. Jorah’s forgiveness is brilliant, as is Dany’s order for him to find a cure. And Tyrion and Varys’ truce with the Masters seems to be working, at least for now, the addition of another Red Priestess is interesting. She sees Dany as the one who was promised. Who can say how this works? Perhaps they do it to give people hope, place them in all the right places, preparing for the endgame.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    As expected.

  • The Fabulous Administrator

    D&D (the writers) explained that the reason Bran didn’t leave immediately and the reason Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven went back into the visions was due to the Raven “uploading” important information to Bran. This is why Bran is still unconscious throughout the entire conclusion. They returned to Winterfell as the Raven knew he had to “close the loop” so Bran could “create” Hodor. Hopefully this clears things up for you Mark.

    • Mark McCullough

      Yeah that’s kind of what I expected was the case, would still have been nice for it be acknowledged within the episode itself.

      • The Fabulous Administrator

        It’ll probably be covered over the next few episodes. Game of Thrones never provides an information dump and instead spreads answers over several episodes.