• TheTimeTraveller is Missy

    for Sansa now I think about it. changed my mind to a 6 or 7/10. I don’t normally have a valid comment on how sansa has changed. yeah she has escaped with Theon good. you’re probably wondering how the rating for sansa for me is high because I think she’s going to come back stronger than ever. I feel sorry for her since her ordeal from Ramsey. Oh what the hell am I on about. I don’t like how the writers have portrayed her if you know what I mean. make of this comment as you will

  • Cyruptsaram

    I thought this year’s season was very successful in fairness – and I know a lot were unhappy with Sansa’s treatment, but I think it’s a great parallel to the common phrase “life setting you up for a fall”. If D&D were to only bring her more grief from here on in then it would be disastrous, but I think she’ll develop into something entirely different with a new strength and wisdom that will rival her mother. To see her escape, either to her death with Theon or otherwise, was a great way to end her arc I believe (even if it was a cliffhanger).