• TheCyberDoctor

    Great review Mark! It still amazes me how many brilliant articles you churn out. Anyways, I’ve gotta say I loved Hardhome, and I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen next. The scene between Dany and Tyrion was fantastic, and its great to have them together at last. I’m just sad to see Jorah leave, he hasn’t got anywhere to go, and its clear that he cares deeply for her.
    Also, I doubt anyone was expecting the White Walker attack, it all happened so suddenly, and brought it to an amazing high. The Weights and the Walkers themselves seem virtually unstoppable, and its not like there is tonnes of Dragon Glass or Valyrian Steel lying about. Also, they are never gonna get any support from the south, as they simply do not beleive what’s happening. Dragon fire seems like the only option, and even then I honestly do not know.
    Another thing of note is something the Three-Eyed Raven mentioned to Bran, he told him he wouldn’t walk again but he will fly. I’m getting the impression that he’ll have to take control of the Dragons if they arrive, making sure that they take out all of the Weights and Walkers. But at the moment when Jon killed the Walker, me and my family all cheered. Its such a great moment.
    Yikes, thats a long comment! What can I say? Other than I love it! :D

    • Mark McCullough

      Glad you enjoyed the review! I’m not sure how Bran is going to fit back into the story, so that should be very interesting to see. If he is going to be key it makes the decision to omit him this series all the stranger. Although I guess he could make a surprise appearance in the next two episodes :P

      • The Fabulous Administrator

        Bran will not be appearing at all this season. He’s back next season. The show has officially caught up with his storyline in the books (well technically they have one chapter of his left) so they’re giving him a break as they’ve decided that nothing worthy of showing happens to Bran this season that can’t be quickly summed up next season. And (having read the books) they’re right. Bran isn’t doing anything interesting at this point in the story. He has a huge role to play in the future (I assume considering I’m still waiting on the next book) but his storyline at the moment is nothing that would make good television.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    This episode was amazing. Fully deserving of full marks! In hindsight perhaps last week should have been a 9.

    Easily one of the best episodes in the show’s 5 season. I didn’t expect that battle to break out until the next episode. So many cool moments and Jon Snow finally became a real badass!

    I know people have felt the show has slowed this year but it’s all worth it when you get awesome payoff like this.

    Something massive usually happens in episode 9 so how will they top this next week?