• The Oncoming Hurricane

    I’m not saying that this implies the show will go down that route, but it provides a nice link that can tie the various plotlines this week together.

    Winterfell plot? No?

    Stannis continues to show a softer side which makes him a lot easier for the audience to empathise with. His decision to bring the princess and queen with him for the battle is also an indication as to where the writers want us to pitch our alliances for the battle of Winterfell.

    It’s also an indication that the writers are bloody stupid. That decision makes no sense, as does the in-show reasoning? That they’re murderers and rapists? Yeah, but no Night’s Watch member is stupid enough to lay a finger on a royal, knowing what would happen.

    Greyscale has been a subtle arc for the series thus far

    A subplot, maybe. That’s not what an arc is. And it’s been about as subtle as a long sullen silence and occasional punch in the face. The Mormont subplot.

    This is particularly prominent in Jorah’s case as he is effectively given a death sentence as he has contracted Greyscale, which is fitting for the character.

    Eh? The one word that does not describe Jorah Mormont in either the show or the books is ‘reckless’. And yet by bringing greyscale to Meereen, the city where the apparent love of his life rules, this is what he’d be doing. The character who he replaced for this plot had entirely different motivations, so it made sense he’d take this risk. Jorah does not.

    The Meereen plot this week was frankly a mess. Dany’s dragons which were completely out of control the last time we saw them are apparently now well trained enough to wait until given orders? And the whole feeding someone who is innocent to the dragons is a WTF moment of epic proportions. Book Dany might be younger, but she never made a decision that comes in the league of being this stupid. And then she goes and proposes to Hizdahr in a way that was extremely poorly handled? I’m struggling to see the point of the Meereen plot in the show – in the books it was obviously to teach Dany how to rule, but she doesn’t seem to be learning how to do that (the murder of the head of one of the Great Families is obviously going to get backs up. whatever about the marriage and reopening the fighting pits), in fact, she’s coming across as unfit to rule now. Maybe she’ll get greyscale from Jorah and die instead. Incidentally, the letter to Maester Aemon makes mention of forces rising against her from within and without. That’s the first show viewers have heard of anything from without? Might it not be a good idea to show it, instead of telling us about it?

    It seemed to be that they crammed in a lot of references to plots that they apparently aren’t doing from the books, which felt irritating and basically like being flipped off. I would also slate the dialogue that usually enlivens the show, because apart from 2 or 3 one-liners it wasn’t really present. Oh, and last complaint – 2 show only characters (Olly and Myranda) had more lines last night than actual POV character Theon Greyjoy have had all season so far, despite the entire Winterfell plot being based on his chapters. Stop wasting the brilliant Alfie Allen FFS. At least Edd Tollett finally got to speak.

    5/10, for me. Next week, Arya (yay) and the Dorne s**tshow (oh no).

    • Cyruptsaram

      I believe Daenerys has made all right the right decision personally (this episode). She’s made a few disastrous mistakes in the past, and now she’s finally learning. What she needed was to threaten the masters in order to get some order back into her rule. Missandei advised her later that she sometimes ignores her council, mainly because she feels there’s a better choice anyway. Opening the fighting pits is exactly what’s needed, because this is what the people have wanted.

      As someone who hasn’t read the books as far as A Feast for Crows, I can’t speak for the changes, but there’s nothing unrealistic about what goes on, and nothing that seems out of place. Stannis’ decision to bring his wife and daughter with him is entirely justified. He has no idea what might happen to them on the Wall if did leave them – I think it’s better to keep them close. On the matter of Greyscale, what the writers have done best is emphasized it at the beginning of the new season as a type of hidden foreshadowing, and now here they are giving us that revelation. Why shouldn’t it be allowed? I’ve heard people complaining about Barristan and Jorah’s roles in the books being thrown away in the show. Why must it always follow the same storyline? If the end result is poor, then I will criticize it, but until that comes I won’t make a judgement, because this is the route the writers have taken us down. Also, Jorah’s decision to continue towards Meereen, is again justifiable, because he loves Daenerys, and the feeling that he betrayed her continues to haunt him. He wants her admiration before he dies, and if that perhaps means making a terrible decision, he will do it, because that’s the Mormont way.

      About your last paragraph, that’s your own personal opinion, and I won’t complain. But I think that references help to expand the background information for the show, and give it a depth that a lot of other shows don’t have. Again, about Theon, I think you’re thinking too much about the books being portrayed in the show. Unfortunately, the show wants to go its own way, regardless of what the books do or don’t do. If you don’t like it then fair enough, but as I keep on saying, there’s no need to judge the show on something that it doesn’t have to be. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss never said that they would stay exactly true to the books, only based. In fairness, they’ve probably kept more loyal to the literature than any other shows or films have, including Harry Potter. After reading A Storm of Swords, I can honestly say both pieces complement each other – one concentrating more on character identities and the other ensuring that story is transcended.

    • elite power

      I think the whole Dany plot should have just been streamlined and cut down. She worked best in Storm of Swords for me. 6 chapters, having her do something meaningful every time she showed up.

      Mereen has always seemed like a delay to me until the rest of the plot catches up. So why not cut the number of scenes to give to other more interesting characters?

      I don’t mind Myranda when she lets us explore another side to Ramsey. Ollie is completely pointless IMO. Jon Snow does not need a young sidekick. Also he basically just repeated the argument Edd made.

      My thinking is that Jorah is taking Tyrion to Dany to fix that relationship before he dies. Greyscale only infects people if they have skin to skin contact so it should be fine. Although I hope they don’t kill Jorah off even though it seems likely now. Iain Glen is really good in the role.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    Not aimed at this review but kinda sad to see GOT has entered its hate year. You know so many people moaning about it on the net. Mind you that’s the internet. Either love or hate.

    TBH I think the book readers are just annoyed it’s not going their way. They used to know everything but now they’re almost in the dark as much as everyone else as it diverts from what they thought they knew. They don’t like it.

    • The Oncoming Hurricane

      Tbh, I would prefer if you didn’t speak for book readers because it’s presumptuous and, to quote Ygritte, you know nothing about us. In general, our annoyance is not so much at the deviations as much as them not being grounded in logic and consistent characterisation. From The Children onwards, the show, formerly a pretty good adaptation and a great show in its own right, seems to be increasingly deliberately written to shock both readers and non-readers alike. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it needs to be backed up by narrative logic and characterisation. This isn’t really happening, so we’re getting a series of ‘shocking’ moments that are either badly seeded or are bound together with stupidity.

      • elite power

        Agreed. It is still good just lower to what has come before.

        Shalka, as a book reader I am completely fine with the show making changes. Some additions I have loved such as Brienne’s story is much better and extra litter finger scenes.

        However if you are dropping storylines, make sure what you add is as good or better. I’m fine with several characters not making it in as that is a limitation of a tv show but to cut them and then add stuff like a pointless Grey Worm love story is annoying. It isn’t disliked as it isn’t a book plot, its disliked as it is a waste of time and bad.

        Its also worth mentioning this season is adapted from what are considered the weakest books anyway.

        It just seems whilst everything previously was well thought out including the changes, now everything has spun so far out of hand it is just sharply dealt with. Previous seasons had subtle nods and every action was thought out, in some cases every single line.

        Now a bunch of stuff has been left out or smashed together with stuff that doesn’t work. I completely disagree with the reviewer about how greyscale is fitting to Jorah’s character. In what way is it?

        Honestly I’m fine with them changing from the books and even killing off characters. As long as they do it in a well written way. There are areas this season I have liked, Stannis especially. But some other plots are uninterested or bad. No more Grey Worm romance.