• The Oncoming Hurricane

    Surprised that you didn’t mention Dorne at all Mark. As an adaptation, it’s a travesty. We have Ellaria written as the exact opposite of her book character (who, in the little screentime she gets is nuanced and gets a point in, and basically taking scenes from a character (Obara Sand) who has actually been cast? What is the point? It almost hurts more because Alexander Siddig’s Doran is absolutely spot on.

    Even from a purely show perspective, Ellaria has apparently grown an entirely new personality in between seasons. Oberyn ‘we don’t hurt little girls in Dorne’ Martell would not have been with her if he knew her response to him dying in a trial by combat (unlike his sister, niece and nephew, who were brutally murdered) would be to mutilate Myrcella? Honour and chivalry just for the men, apparently.

    But hey, why have nuanced and consistent female characters when we can have revenge instead? Sigh.

    • Mark McCullough

      I didn’t mention Dorne in the review because I didn’t think an awful lot happened there in this episode, certainly not enough to analyse. Having not read the books I wasn’t aware of the discrepancies between Ellaria’s book and series characterisation until you pointed it out. That is quite disappointing actually, hopefully the show can do something to redeem it in the remaining episodes.