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Game of Thrones: 409 “The Watchers on the Wall” Review – Cult Fix
  • WhoGhost

    That’s a very nice and thoughtful review, which is a pleasure to read after watching the latest episode. Btw wasn’t that Gilly with a baby when they showed how somebody quickly managed to go near the Brigitte’s camp unnoticed?

    • Cyruptsaram

      It was actually – I was just wondering how none of the Wildlings except for Ygritte spotted her. She must have hidden herself away, waited for them to leave Mole’s Town and then escaped. She had to be very careful (and brave) to walk past their camp.

  • twoheartsonemind

    I, for one, am still heartbroken at Ygritte’s death, more so than Oberyn’s, because I really didn’t see it coming. We haven’t seen her much this season, but she’s continued to be one of my favorite characters. She was the only reason I really cared about Jon Snow at all.

  • Dirk

    Most boring episode yet.