• The Oncoming Hurricane

    Also, it has been yet another episode without the appearance of either Roose, Tormund or Ygritte, not to mention the Lady Melisandre. We don’t want characters dropping in and out when there’s storylines to be fulfilled.

    What is your strange obsession with Roose Bolton? He doesn’t have an open plot at the moment apart from legitimising Ramsay if he takes Moat Cailin, thus he won’t appear again until that happens, there’s no point.

    • Cyruptsaram

      I believe, if you’re going to give a character, e.g. Roose Bolton, a big role in a television series (the Red Wedding), you can’t simply drop him out of the plot. Sometimes, it feels as though some characters completely disappear from the face of Martin’s world, where they could be given a couple of scenes elaborated from their previous appearance. For example, a number of people have forgotten about Rickon and Osha for that very reason!

      • The Oncoming Hurricane

        This is largely to do with the POV structure of the books. As for Roose, at this point in the book canon, I think he’s still trapped south of The Neck with his army, and that’s why he needs Ramsay to take Moat Cailin. For some reason, the show had him smuggle himself back in, but the result is the bulk of his army is still there. This means he’s sitting around the Dreadfort not exactly doing much.

        As for Rickon and Osha, at the moment they’re just wandering about, so that can’t be helped. Although, Art Parkinson and Natalia Tena are in the Season 4 cast list, so presumably we’ll get a reminder they exist before the Season’s out.