• Cyruptsaram

    I don’t blame you

  • It’s taken me a whole morning to summon up the strength to write about this segment: that is just how harrowing it was.

    Without doubt, the most harrowing, affecting sequence of TV I’ve ever seen. When Catelyn and Robb first got shot with the crossbow bolts, I was shouting at the screen, but by the time both they and Grey Wind were killed, I was just staring into space, at a total loss for words. Truly dreadful stuff.

    Great review, by the way, Phil. I’ve been following them all series, and they’ve been great to read. I agree with the score of this episode, in particular. In fact, even though it had such a horrible effect on me, it’s probably the best episode of Game of Thrones, so far. And if the preview is anything to go by, the next one is looking like being a corker an’ all.

  • ShalkaDoctor

    I’ve never read the books or knew anything about this so this episode hit real hard. Same feeling I felt when Ned died.

    It also reminded me how shows like Doctor Who lack any real sense of danger these days. Deaths have real meaning in Thrones and they stick. No magic rewind.

    God I want to see Bolton and Walder (the fantastic David Bradley) get his.

    • Koshei

      Yes, I agree about “Who”. Of course it is aimed for family audience, but unique touch of realistic human drama is totally lost there, especially in the last seasons.

  • GordanShumway

    “The Rains of Castamere” was just a perfect episode. I knew
    it was coming from the books but even so, this was one of the most brutal and
    heart-wrenching scenes in all of television, ever. I was on my way home from my job at DISH Sunday night when it
    came on, and I take the light rail, so I was able to watch it. The DISH Anywhere app on my iPad lets me
    stream live and recorded TV off my home receiver, so it makes commuting a much
    more enjoyable process, though after Sunday’s episode, I think I was mostly
    just shocked and numb.