• ShalkaDoctor

    Any episode that features a bear fight = 9/10 at least. ;) Great review seriously though. Very funny in places.

    Phil, are you still doing Arrow? Also what happened to Elementary?

    • Thanks very much, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it!

      I am still doing Arrow, I dropped the ball slightly due to an increase in my workload but I should have a compilation of the last two episodes done soon and then a full review for the finale next week. As for Elementary, I had to give up the reviews for that when I took on Game of Thrones. But I am still watching and enjoying, this week’s Moriarty-heavy episode was a particularly good one!

  • Koshei

    For me this episode contains much more dirty talk and naked bodies than any other part of series 3. Seems that producers of the show are already tired of that, but Martin who wrote a screenplay for that episode still enjoys it.