• Harry Jewell

    Good review.

  • Koshei

    It’s not a review, it’s a summary.

    • Hi, I’m Phil and I wrote the article – I agree that it’s not really a review, I’ve always intended for my articles to be more like recaps than reviews but I do attempt to be reasonably analytical as I go through each episode. Even when I do straight reviews of shows I like to cover the major events of the episode, it’s just a little bit more difficult to do with a show as complex as Game of Thrones.

      Thanks for your feedback though!

      • Koshei

        No problem. I understand you and you are right that there are so many events to cover. Maybe you just consider to add more of your ideas into reviews. Thank you for job done and I wait for new reading!

        P.S. I so hoped that they will show a battle in the first episode! Pity that because of may reasons and probably budget limitations show cannot realize its full potential.