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Fringe: Season 3 Sky 1 Return Date

UPDATE: Sky1 will be resuming Season 3 of Fringe from Wednesday 23rd March

UK Fringe fans waiting for the return of Season 3 on Sky 1 are going to be in for a long wait.

Sky have confirmed that Season 3 will not resume until April. Yep, you read that right.

The reason for the incredibly long wait is most likely so they can run the remainder of the season with no breaks.

In the US Fringe has aired two of six new episodes, after which it will go on another break, before concluding the season. By waiting until April, Sky will avoid two lengthy gaps between new episodes.

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  • FringeFan

    Well that sucks…

  • dirk

    get it back on!!!

  • Bekah Stott

    WHAT!?! Nooooooo D:


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