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Fringe: How will Season 4 End?

It’s that time of year again when the future of Fringe is hanging in the balance. Should the show be cancelled, fans are understandably concerned there could be many unanswered questions.

However, John Noble (Walter) revealed to TVLine that they have shot two endings to accommodate both scenarios.

Lance Reddick (Broyles) elaborated: “The way [Season 4] ends could function as a series finale, but there’s one storyline left open that could end up as a cliffhanger for the beginning of the fifth season…. We’ll see what airs depending on what [Fox and WBTV] decide.”

Joshua Jackson (Peter) gave some clues on how the show might continue if it does get a fifth year: “The door to the fifth season is opened in Episode 19. If you watch that, you’ll have an understanding of where they want to take the series.”

Noble also promised “big questions” will answered and the team will face something bigger than villain David Robert Jones.

Fringe producer Joel Wyman said that he expects a final decision soon.

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