• John Smith

    I absolutely loved this series and thought the acting from Eve and Jemma in particular was outstanding! I didn’t actually see the stalker as being Dr Evans and so was actually a shock for me… Although I kinda can see how they had set that all up…

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    Great review. I actually never thoght about it being Dr Evans. It just never crossed my mind.

  • This is a lovely review, David. It goes without saying; the writing was up to the high standard which I have now become accustomed to seeing from you. You have done a great job at reviewing this series and I look forward to see what you tackle next.

    I’ve decided that I’m going to be giving this series a pass – despite your favourable reviews. The premise doesn’t appeal to me and the distinct lack of realism which I’ve read about has put me off it. Besides, I’ve ruined quite a bit of it by reading your reviews and, subsequently, finding out that Zoe is the stalker.