• A great review, David – Frankie sounds like a compelling and entertaining series with a palette of tones ranging from feel-good moments to darker scenes.

    I’ll be sure to purchase this on DVD.

    Again, cracking good review – I really want you to review more series like this.

    • Thank you very much for your comment (and while I’m here, a massive well done on your Hitchcock article). It is a very good series. It was getting a bit soapy so the cliff-hanger was a real surprise.

      • I suggest that you wipe off the excess soapsuds and apply a little more water. That’ll stop whatever you’re washing being too soapy…

        Wait.. I don’t think I’ve got the gist..

  • AmyPondIsAwesome

    Fantastic review.

    • Thanks.

      What did you think of the episodes?

      • AmyPondIsAwesome

        Pretty good but I didn’t think they were anything special.