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Frankie: Series 1 Episode 2 Review – Cult Fix
  • I haven’t been watching Frankie but from this review, and the last, I can tell that you loved the first and were disappointed with the second. Hopefully this episode is just a near fall but Frankie will stride onwards with the high quality of the opener. Maybe not, but between you and me, its actually really good fun giving a negative review. With a positive one, I just say “its cracking!” and that’s it. When I’m negative I suddenly have loads to say.

    I’m inclined to say the quality of this review was not as good as last week’s but this is naturally down to your Retrospective article which I anticipate highly. You’re also under a bit more pressure, and none of us work well under pressure.

    Still a good review that was fluent from start to finish.

    • Yes, I quite like writing a negative review. I’d say actually that, despite being disappointed by the last episode of Primeval, I had more fun than ever writing the review.

      I know. I actually mentioned that to CultFix in the email because I didn’t think it was that great myself, but it’s because I’ve been so damned busy on that Retrospective, like you said. And I’ve been out a couple of times tonight as well. Hopefully next week I’ll have much longer to formulate a review.

  • TheDoctorIsAwesome

    Great review. Personally, I liked this one better than the first.