• Well this was highly unexpected.

    A nice review, David – well done! Did you compose this review on spec, or was it planned for you to cover Frankie?

    Well done anyways.

    • Thank you. I hadn’t planned it at all. I just watched it and thought it was really good drama and deserved a review. So now I’ll be doing it weekly!

      • I’m glad; its been too long since Primeval: New World!

        I’m not sure if you saw it but I’m doing The Fall, with Gillian Anderson – that’s a five-part series, and I’ll be reviewing that weekly, too.

        Its great to have so many series on the go!

        • Yeah. Though this is a vast improvement on that.

          I didn’t. I’ll make sure I give it a read.

          Remember, The Great Gatsby review on Sunday or Monday too!

          • It appears you and me have both taken a leaf out of Adam James Cuthbert’s book and used a thesaurus for every second word.

            Please do; feedback is appreciated.

            I look forward to reading your review of The Great Gatsby. Have you seen it yet?

          • I don’t use a thesaurus. But if you think my writing’s improved, that’s great. I didn’t realised I’d come on at all.

            I’m seeing it on Sunday.

  • What a delightful surprise! This was a superlative review, David, and it’s great to see you return on such a high note.

    This sounds like a cracker of a first episode and just through reading this review I can detect quite a few parallels between Frankie and Gwen. If she has an affair with Andy, as you suspect, then it will further add to that.

    Brilliant work, and I really look forward to hear your view on The Great Gatsby!

    • Thank you. I hope she doesn’t have the affair, though. That’s the one thing I didn’t like about Gwen.

      • Indeed. That was a very unlikable part of her character.

  • ThePaternosterGangIsAwesome

    Great review, I too really enjoyed this, but not quite as much as you. I found it more on the average side really, but I will certainly continue following the series, and your reviews.

    • Thank you. I really, really enjoyed it. But then, I do like that sort of thing. I really love Call the Midwife too.

  • interiris

    Sorry worst medical drama ever made by the BBC. Full of inaccuracies about NHS procedures and the roles of healthcare professionals. Frankie was an insult to hard working health care professionals. The character as written was borderline obsessive and the poorly written dialogue was made worse by Eve Myles delivery. Who ever wrote a line like “the world is my patient” understands very little about true dedication and followed by Frankie’s disturbing laughing it was just cringe worthy. But I give you credit for standing your own ground as most of the reviews in the daily papers have panned it,