• Brilliant article, Louis! I really enjoyed reading your TWD and Flash reviews last year and you continue your stellar form with this well-written piece.

    2015 really does seem to be a fantastic year for blockbuster movies and there are more than a couple mentioned here that I will undoubtedly be catching in the cinemas.

    • Thanks a lot for the kind words, really appreciated! I agree that it seems like a great year – shame that a few movies like Batman v Superman, Finding Dory, Assassin’s Creed were delayed but there’s definitely a lot to look forward to regardless, seems like a lot of older franchises are coming out of the woodwork a little this year.

      • Yeah, though if Batman v Superman hadn’t been postponed then it would have made this an insane year for movies.

        I’m having mixed feelings about some of these returning franchises, but there’s an undeniable joy in seeing Star Wars and Jurassic Park in updated form. The former in particular is something I thought would never happen.

  • notsosmartguy

    Great Article. Can’t wait for most of these especially Avengers and Antman.

    Kinda annoyed we haven’t seen a trailer for the Fantastic four reboot though I really feel the take on the Doctor Doom based on rumors isn’t really showing promise.