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    Falling Skies is really struggling to keep my interest. It’s so dull and forgettable most of the time that I forget why I keep bothering to watch it. If things don’t pick up for Season 4, I may have to give up on it. This Season just felt aimless and it seemed the writers had no idea what they were doing or what direction to move the story in. The Writers need to sit down, get their heads together and decide where this story is going. If they can’t come up with something, it may be time to (sadly) wrap it up or at least get some new writers on board and maybe a new showrunner to try and get this show back on track.

    • I’m unfortunately inclined to agree. When compared to the crop of lauded programmes it’s competing against for popularity (Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad etc.) Falling Skies just doesn’t come close. The odd stroke of brilliance here and there (e.g. “Strange Brew”) just isn’t good enough.

      I was actually surprised to learn that Remi Aubuchon spearheaded the previous season as well as this one (I was of the belief that the show changed hands this year, but no), so the abysmal slump in form is even more baffling. Season 2 was not perfect by any means, but it went a fair distance to correcting most of what had been at fault the year before. It’s deeply frustrating to see those same issues recurring now under the same guiding hand.

  • Great minst judge alike – is what comes to mind whilst reading this. I couldn’t agree more on how this series fared and how vapid this finale was. It’s truly saddening as I had lofty aspirations for this show, but now I’m teetering on just giving it up due to being genuinely fatigued a couple of times.

    At least your reviews ended on a high note, James. I really have enjoyed reading each of your eloquent reviews, and not only because our opinions on this show are bizarrely similar. You are perhaps the most adept reviewer on this site and I can’t wait to see what you will cover next.

    • I know how you feel. I think Season 4 will be the real acid test. If Falling Skies can’t significantly raise its game next year, then I doubt it’ll continue for much longer. As I understand it, the viewership has been in decline during this season, and it’s hardly surprising really.

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading the reviews. I’ve enjoyed writing them! As for me being the most adept reviewer at this site – thank you. I appreciate it. I can’t say I agree, mind you. I’ve certainly had a lot of practice now (I think I’ve done the second most reviews, behind only Rich Jepson), but there are others who’ve done a fair amount less than myself, and whose work I’m frequently in awe of (and that includes you).