• I have always maintained that you write even better when reviewing positively (as do most of us I suppose) and this is no exception. A sublime review, James. I was especially appreciative of the length as you got to go in-depth and really demonstrate your infallible critiquing abilities.

    I’m pleased to see that you enjoyed this one. I loved it too, albeit to a lesser extent. Not only was the brief look at the real events in Charleston redundant, but the whole part after Tom wakes up from his ‘dream state’ was far too rushed. Within seconds Anne and Alexis were pronounced dead, Karen revealed her shrewd masterplan and Tom escaped through an unlikely stunt. With that said, the scene between Tom and the hallucinatory visage of his wife (very well well worded) was the most heartrending moment of the entire series. It was exceptional. I’d probably give it an 8.5/10.

    Keep up the great work, James. I certainly am intrigued to see what you say about the final episodes as I find them very difficult to place.

    • Bloomin’ hell! That’s some serious praise! Thanks, as always, Tyler.

      Yeah, the previous two were a bit on the short side. I was glad to return to the normal length for this one, as this episode warranted it more than most. I suppose the final part wasn’t quite as faultless as everything else, you’re right, but I can just about forgive the episode these minor missteps.