• ShalkaDoctor

    Love your reviews James, but please can you get them out a bit quicker if possible. I saw these episodes ages ago and it would be easier to talk about them when they air.

    • Cheers! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them. Your issue with the tardiness of the reviews, I understand. I was originally intending to do them in time with the US broadcast schedule, but coming by a reliable source for the new episodes each week proved problematic for me. Quite recently, I’ve had a lot on my plate, which has meant some lengthy delays, but I’m trying to sort out my workload so this isn’t too frequent an issue in the future.

      • ShalkaDoctor

        OK. I just think that more people will get talking if they were released around the time most were watching them. While I’ve been reading these, I haven’t felt the need to comment as they seem like a distant memory and I know the outcome of the series meaning speculation and stuff is kinda pointless. I think others may feel the same.

        Anyway, keep up the good work regardless! You’re probably my favourite reviewer here. (Also took pleasure in seeing you slag off The Following each week – negative reviews of bad shows can be fun to read too!)

        • Yeah, I agree, hence my original intention to follow the series on US time. I’ll try to do better next time!

          Thank you very much! I’m glad I’m someone’s favourite! The Following was equal parts fun to deride, and a chore criticising the same things all the time.

          • ShalkaDoctor

            Any ideas what future shows you’ll be doing? Or is it hush hush?

          • Well, the admin is curently arranging who’ll be covering some of the shows that are coming up. I’m lobbying for a few, but there are no guarantees I’ll get all of them.

            Misfits, I will be doing, as I reviewed last series. But The Walking Dead and Orphan Black are among those I’m after. There are others I’d like to do, like Sherlock, but I’m fairly certain they’re headed elsewhere. I’ll also be reviewing the film, Rush, when it comes out, and I’ve a feature about the 2009 film Moon in the works.

          • ShalkaDoctor

            I love TWD! I hope you are allowed to do it.

  • Another brilliant set of reviews, James. And (…surprise!) I agree with you entirely. I was relieved when these two episodes came along as they put an end to what I deem the most extensive streak of deficient stories of the entire series. The remaining three are also an improvement, but I’m regretful to inform that I felt that not a single one comes close to the best of Series 2…

    • Cheers! They were a bit rushed (and a bit short), due to the lateness of me getting them in, but episode eight’s should be somewhat improved.

      Yup, it’s nice that things appear to be getting steadily back on track. And I’m not surprised that all of the remaining episodes still manage to fall short of the bar Season 2 set. It speaks volumes that the best instalment thus far, “Be Silent and Come Out”, is still a good way off some of the third season’s best outings (and miles off its absolute best, “Molon Labe”).

      Out of curiosity, what would you rate the finale out of ten?

      • Hmm… I find that one very strenuous to rate, but I’d probably give it a 6.5. If I’m a bit more lenient then I could stretch to 7, but it’s quite a bit behind the last series finale.

        Have you seen it yourself?

        • “Compass” was the one with Jimmy’s death, was it not? That was another favourite of mine as well (as were most of that season, to be honest).

          Interesting. I think I rated the previous finale about an eight out of ten, and had I been reviewing the first season, that finale would have got a nine. So, it seems the finales are geting progressively less impressive each year.

          No, I haven’t yet seen it. I encountered so many problems trying to find workable copies of Season 3 episodes that I’m no longer bothering, and instead waiting on their UK broadcast.