• It is very pleasant to have your reviews back after such an elongated time. Though it’s even more pleasant to see that you haven’t lost your touch for delivering excellent and delectable reviews. A most welcome return, James.

    I have to admit that I don’t recall a few of the things which you note, due to the long time since I last saw them, but your overall verdict is something which I can easily agree with. The first half of Series 3 is probably the longest period in which I have not rejoiced in a single episode and I’d personally put this one down one or two scores… I can say this though; the next episode is an improvement. I may be mistaken, but I surmise that you will enjoy it too.

    I have to say, I appreciated your minor reference to Clear as I’ve recently gotten into, and become a fan of, The Walking Dead. It’s almost impossible not to compare the two post-apocalyptic shows and, unfortunately, Series 3 of Falling Skies has made it plunge far beneath TWD.

    • Thanks, Tyler.

      Yeah, I think the most appropriate description of this series so far is “meh”. I do tend to agree with you, so I’ve no doubt the next episode will be an improvement to some degree.

      Great news! The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on at the moment, alongside Game of Thrones. But, yeah, the similarities are obvious, but Falling Skies just isn’t in the same league.