• Pdurston

    Another excellent review @GoodYear92:disqus ! :D I’m really inclined to get myself watching this show now. Well done, and keep these up. :)

    P.S That pic looks gruesome. :O

    • Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on it, once again; it means alot.
      I’m glad to hear that my reviews might persuade you to give it a go, while it has a substantial following in the U.S, I get the impression that it’s barely watched by anybody else – which is a shame.
      Tell me about it; the entire scene was extremely gruesome. Really disturbing stuff, and it’s a first for the show to go in that direction – I hope it’s not the last time.

      • Pdurston

        Not a problem. I show enthusiasm not only because you’re one of my respected members, but for your ability to actually write very good coherent reviews of this show, and you’ve demonstrated that ability very well. So much so that it’s actually drawing me into this show.

        And I also gather it’s a show nobody hardly watches here as well. I hear nothing about it apart from on this site. Perhaps it hasn’t attracted as much of an audience here as it has in the shows country of origin? Hmm I’m not sure.

        Anyway, look forward to next weeks review. I will try and watch the show whenever I can. But give me some time….and a crayon. ;D

        • Well, again, thank you. That’s really positive to hear, especially from the likes of you; a poster I respect massively, and rarely disagree with. I’m always trying to improve my writing skills, and trying to adopt a more eloquent style.
          I think that’s almost definitely the case, but maybe it just needs a bit of time and perhaps some more exposure – it’s not the most advertised show in the world.
          Haha, you can have all the time and crayons that you need my friend.