• TheDarkLordDeep™

    Elusive father?…

    • They have talked about Sherlock’s father in the so but so far they haven’t showed him. And as of yet we haven’t herd of this Sherlock haveing a brother.

  • Castrovalva

    He encourages Watson to date? WTF. So having seen the first episode I think we can confidently conclude the only thing they have in common with Doyle’s characters is their surnames.

  • Chris

    Why couldn’t they just take a dump on sir Arthur’s grave? Quicker with the same outcome.

  • Sophia Jones

    literally, what is this garbage.

  • I don’t see why people are being so negative about it. Yes, there were a couple of faults, but all things considered it was very entertaining. There were some great scenes, Sherlock’s deduction is as impressive as usual, there were some funny moments and Joan Watson is from what I’ve seen a marvelous character. Yes, it’s not BBC’s Sherlock… but that doesn’t make it awful.

    Lighten up a bit people!